Police safety orders/emergency protective orders

A police safety order/emergency protective order is issued in circumstances where the police have reasonable grounds to believe that domestic violence has occured and we as a local women`s advice centre are then contacted by the police. We then try to make contact with you (usually by telephone) in order to offer you counselling. If children live in the apartment, the police will also get in touch with the local youth welfare department.

As the police safety order is only valid for a few days, you have the opportunity to use this time to get advice and help as well as discuss your next steps.

We urge you to use this time as civil law steps or court protection measures must be applied for immediately to avoid loopholes from arising. This would give you the chance to calmly work on a long-term safety plan for you  – or if you are a mother, for your children – and get support. In some cases it could be dangerous to stay in your own apartment.
The women`s shelter in Dithmarschen can be reached at the following number:

What you can do

You are entitled to make use of civil rights protection options:

Protection orders:

These could include i.e. restraining orders where your (ex) partner must not approach your apartment, must not contact you and must not aproach places which you regularly go to. Applications can be made to extend these temporary orders.

Allocation of the apartment:

You can apply for the assignment of your joint apartment  even if you were forced to leave it for safety reasons. The application can be made at a court within three months after the protection order was issued, if possible during the duration of the emergency protective order.

Pressing charges:

You can file charges against the perpetrator for causing you physical injury.
Apart from the above you are also eligible to claim indemnity payments and compensation. If you have children together, you can apply for a temporary or permanent suspension of the right of access at your family court.

Contact one of our advice centres for more information.