Pregnancy and parental counselling

We advise and inform you as a mother whether expectant, single or otherwise on your rights or claims to benefits such as maternity grants, legal protection of expectant and nursing mothers, parental benefits, parent-leave, the Mother and Child Foundation etc.

You can also talk to us about child rearing, living with children or separation, maintenance and life as a single parent.

Our services also encompass advice on sex education, contraception and family planning as well as answering questions on everything to do with pregnancy, childbirth and getting adjusted to the new situations that motherhood brings.

As well as providing advice/counselling, our advice centres in Marne and Brunsbüttel also offer opportunities for expectant mothers to get together. For more information please check our current programme, the press or ask during our opening hours.  You can also click on the "Current news", "Get togethers" and "Events" icons at the left hand side of the menu bar.


Please note:
If you would like a male to accompany you to your session (for example your partner), please make an appointment at our advice centres in Brunsbüttel or Heide, as men are not allowed to enter our centre in Marne.