One-to-one counselling for women and girl is available at our three advice centres. Advice can be given in person or over the telephone. Our work is aimed at all women and girls over the age of 16 who require support, assistance and advice/counselling in various areas.

We give counselling in both current emergencies (crisis intervention) and psychological matters (i.e. depression, anxiety) or give you practical help should you need it (i.e. helping you to fill out forms or accompanying you to the authorities.)

You, as the person seeking advice, will dictate the tempo and content of the counselling. The conselling follows the principle of helping people to help themselves.

The following principles apply to all counselling sessions:

Pledge of secrecy

Our counselling staff are placed under an obligation to maintain silence: What is said during the counselling session(s) will remain confidential.


Counselling sessions may be carried out, without you giving us your name.


Our counselling staff show solidarity with the victims without losing any critical distance. This should not be mistaken for uncritical partisanship.

No costs

Advice/counselling is completely free of charge. Voluntary donations are kindly accepted.

Protected premises

Safety for women and girls who have experienced violence is our utmost priority. For that reason our counselling rooms in Marne are for women only – in other words men are not allowed to enter these rooms, apart from in very exceptional situations.

Ethical principals

Our counselling staff adheres to the ethical standards of the North German crisis centres for women and girls in Schleswig-Holstein.


Information on our counselling topics can be found by clicking on the sub-menu buttons on the left-hand side.

Please note that although counselling in the English language is available, it may however be restricted.