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Telephone terror, insults, sexual coercion, work place molestation, rape, sexual abuse, violence and threats in a marriage, relationship and family are all examples of sexual violence which can be part of daily life for girls and women. The violence begins where girls and women feel restricted in their personal freedom. In other words when they avoid certain places ways or situations in order to prevent being insulted, molested and threatened.

If you have gone through any of these experiences, try not to keep your emotions or problems to yourself. Speak with someone you trust or with one of our emergency/crisis counsellors.

You can turn to us no matter:

  • how long ago you experienced the abuse or if it is still going on
  • what form the sexual violence took and to what extent
  • whether the sexual violence took place within or out with a relationship and  the perpetrator was a stranger or somebody you knew
  • whether you have pressed charges or not, want to press charges or not.

We are there to offer guidance for all the steps you want to take. During counselling sessions we can i.e. work out together what you can do for yourself and discuss how you can protect yourself or combat the violence.

If you wish, we can provide you with infomation on i.e. pressing charges, special  counselling and therapy possibilities, legal proceedings, clinics and self-help groups.  We can also provide you with addresses of doctors, lawyers and therapists etc.

We offer advice/counselling in person or over the telephone. Advice/counselling is confidential and free.

If you wish, we can also accompany you to a medical examination, to the police station and to the courts.


If you want to take legal steps

You should:

  • if applicable, have the forensic medicine department in Hamburg secure available traces and evidence
  • turn to an experienced lawyer
  • make notes, mental or written, about the events of the assault

You can reach the forensic medical department in Hamburg responsible for Dithmarschen at the phone number +49 40-741052127.

Women who been sexually abused and want to press charges often have many questions, feel insecure or afraid.

You can talk to us about your fears or worries and get information on criminal proceedings i.e. about the procedure, your legal rights, incidental action,  possible security measures, legal aid as well as court examininings etc.