Pregnancy crisis counselling

If you are considering or have decided to have an abortion/termination of pregnancy, German law requires that you must have counselling at least three days before the operation. After this, the abortion must take place within 12 weeks of conception.

We are there to support you while you are making your decision and provide you with medical, social and legal information on abortions. If you wish we can also provide you with information detailing your legal rights and support if you choose to go ahead with the pregnancy.

We can offer you guidance but at the end of the day you have to make the decision for or against an abortion by yourself.

You are welcome to bring along your partner or somebody else to your counselling session.

We are entitled to issue counselling certificates which are required for abortions. Counselling is free of charge and confidential as we are bound by a pledge of secrecy. Upon request we provide anonymous counselling. If required we can talk to you after an abortion.

Please note:
If you would like a male to accompany you to your session (for example your partner), please make an appointment at our advice centres in Brunsbüttel or Heide, as men are not allowed to enter our centre in Marne.